Body Congestion

Fatigue and swollen glands? It may be a sign of body congestion and poor lymphatic drainage. Improve your body’s circulation with specialised body therapy treatments.

Escape the Stress & Fatigue
Before: Sluggish and stressed with fatigue; puffy eyes and headaches.
After: Destressed, rejuvenated and energised.

*Result may vary accordingly to each individual.

Body Aches/Pain

Suffering from aches and pain across your body? Find pure relief from top to toe with our Body Therapy treatments.

Relief for Your Body Aches!
Before: Stressed, tight and tense muscles and sore spots around your body.
After: Relieved muscles with no sore spots and have improved flexibility.

*Result may vary accordingly to each individual.


Poor Blood & Qi Circulation

Poor flow throughout the body may cause tiredness and fatigue. Restore and reactivate your qi and blood circulation with our targeted treatments.

Restore Proper Circulation
Before: Fatigued, lack of energy, and tired from the stress of life.
After: Reenergised and rejuvenated from top to toe.

*Result may vary accordingly to each individual.

Unbalanced Hormones

Sudden weight change? Difficulty sleeping? Stress? Restore your body’s hormone balance with our body therapy treatments.

Rebalance your hormones!
Before: Daily stress and sudden weight changes without clear reasons.
After: Better emotional balance, healthier sleep patterns and improved blood circulation.

*Result may vary accordingly to each individual.


Signs of stress like wrinkles affecting your body? Discover relief for your soul and body with our body therapy treatments.

Reduce the stress!
Before: Negative symptoms of stress on the body; headaches and fatigue.
After: Happier emotions; reduced signs of stress like wrinkles.

*Result may vary accordingly to each individual.


Irregular Periods & Menopause

Affected by irregular periods or menopause? Our body therapy treatments help nurture your endocrine and support your hormonal balance.

Rebalance Your Endocrine System
Before: Irregular periods, hormonal imbalance, and early signs of menopause
After: Reduced PMS symptoms, improved blood circulation and a balanced endocrine system.

*Result may vary accordingly to each individual.