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Avoid Wrinkles with These 5 Tips (2020)

Wrinkles are very common as people age because the skin produces less collagen and elastin. This makes the skin thinner and drier, thus reducing the resistance to damage. However, having wrinkles when you’re young can make you feel self-conscious. Here are some tips on how to avoid excessive wrinkles and slow down the ageing of the skin.

1.Apply sunscreen daily.

Exposure to the UV rays from the sun may cause wrinkles. Sunscreen is only effective when an ample amount of sunscreen is applied every two to three hours. Choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) above 30 to delay the signs of ageing.

2.Hydration is the key.

Everyone is aware that in order to keep the skin healthy, moisturisers are important. This also applies to slowing down the process of skin ageing. Moisturiser traps the water in the skin which in turn, makes it more hydrated and bouncier. High quality moisturisers such as the Physiodermie Hydro Control Emulsion to help protect the skin against dryness, moisten skin with long-lasting effect and maintain a visibly fresh effect.

3.Healthy diets.

Poor diet habits such as an excessive amount of sugar or sodium intake is bad for the skin too. Sugar in the body produces end products called advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that help break down the collagen in the body. Maintaining a healthy diet may help you retain the “youth” in the skin.

4.Correct your sleeping position.

Bad sleeping positions can be an underlying factor for wrinkles as certain sleeping positions lead to compression problems. Compression happens when people press their face against the pillow every night which leaves the skin weaker in certain parts of the body than others. The best solution is to sleep on the back to prevent compression and reduce wrinkles.

5.Skin treatments.

Skin treatments can be done to treat wrinkles. Most treatments include consultation with the experts who will advise the right skin treatment depending on the skin’s condition.

No one can escape from getting wrinkles but you can take steps to delay the process of getting them. It is best for people to start taking care of their skin as early as teenage years but it is advised for the ones in their late 20s to start using anti-ageing skin care products especially those who are exposed to direct sunlight daily.

Body Perfect offers a range of treatments for wrinkles, proven effective by its many clients over the years. Speak to our Beauty Professionals for a consultation on your skin.

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6 Easy Methods to Reduce Water Retention in 2020

When the body has an unbalanced amount of hydration, it can build up excess fluid in the body. This is known as water retention. It can cause puffiness, bloating and even swelling.
What causes water retention? Here are some common causes:

1.Medical conditions.

Organs that do not function properly can contribute to a higher level of water retention in the body as it is unable to eliminate the fluid properly.


Standing for a long period can cause the tissue to retain water which leads to swollen feet.


Although sodium intake daily is a must, eating food with high sodium may cause your body to hold more water.


It is normal for women to experience puffiness and bloating days before their period due to hormonal imbalances.


Now you know why it happens, here are some easy methods and treatments to help reduce water retention:

1.Keep the blood circulating.

Activities such as cycling and walking which include regular movements of the tissue aid in removing fluids in the legs and ankles. To those whose jobs involve standing a lot or a sedentary work, doing a lot of walking in between tasks may help to pump the blood to circulate especially in the legs.

2.Heat drainage treatment.

Body Perfect’s Heat Drainage Treatment which incorporates aromatherapy and essential oil is designed to help reduce water retention and promote general wellbeing.

3.EMS slimming treatment.

Such treatment that is pain-free from Body Perfect helps reduce bloating resulted from water retention problem. This 3-in-1 synergistic treatment effectively gives visible result to your body.

4.Drink tea.

It is known that some doctors recommend drinking herbal teas as it can help reduce water retention. Dandelion is one of the herbs which can help reduce water retention as it helps to increase the amount of urine produced.

5.Increase potassium intake.

Eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables can help your body get the right nutrients to prevent the blood vessels from leaking fluid to tissue. Food with high potassium include bananas, tomatoes and avocados.

6.Drink enough water.

This helps combat water retention as it helps one urinate more, removing more fluid from the body. Drinking enough water may help reduce water retention since it is the result of dehydration.

Water retention can be reduced through healthy diets and lifestyles. Alternatively, try our effective treatments such as the Cocoon Total Body Programme, EMS Slimming Treatment, Essential-Balance Lymphatic Drainage Therapy or Heat Drainage Treatment – Aroma & Essential Slimming Treatment. They are designed to provide effective, visible results and shape up your body using pain-free methods. Talk to our Beauty Professionals for a consultation session.

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3 Things You Must Know About Skin Pigmentation in 2020

What is skin pigmentation?

Call it freckles or age spots; skin pigmentation is experienced by a quarter of women at some point in their lives. Although harmless, skin pigmentation can bring down our confidence.

Skin pigmentation is caused by melanin which gives colour to our skin. Normally, the level of melanin in our skin stays constant. However, for those who have skin pigmentation, there is an uneven distribution of melanin in the skin. Often, it occurs due to sun damage, injury on the skin, melasma or a hormonal imbalance.

In most cases of skin pigmentation, the dark spots which appear on the neck or face are caused by acne or other injuries on the face. That is why it is known as post-inflammatory pigmentation. The melanin level rises to help your skin heal from injuries and the spots might stay for weeks.

Who is susceptible to skin pigmentation?

Women who are expecting might have a higher tendency to develop skin pigmentation as they experience hormonal imbalances but using the wrong skin care might actually make things worse. The use of unsuitable skin care products can irritate the skin which leads to more melanin. As women age, the number of collagens produced and cell turnover would also reduce drastically. This means it will take more time for the skin to repair itself.

Tips to avoid skin pigmentation

You might want to start with the right skin care products and regime. Follow this step by step process to ensure that your skin is stays healthy with reduced skin pigmentation.

1.Soothe the skin

The main reason for skin pigmentation is inflammation or redness of the skin due to irritation. Aim to use products with soothing or anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Niacinamide; a water-soluble vitamin which could improve the uneven skin tone. Nadine Salembier Whitening Spot Corrector is especially effective in helping lightening skin blotches caused by the sun or by skin aging.

2.Improve your skin’s barrier

You should never leave your house without applying moisturiser and sunscreen! While you think it’s just for a quick time out, going out without sunscreen will increase exposure to UV rays. Choosing the best sunscreen for your skin can be tricky, so here are some tips you can use when choosing one:

• Sunscreen with “broad-spectrum protection” as it protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. For example, LANLUIS Hydrating Defense which is designed to protect the skin from UVA/UVB with SPF 30.
• Sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) 30 or higher depending on how long you’ll be outside. You can try the Sans Soucis Anti-Age Sun Care Face with SPF 30 that helps prevent premature skin aging, maintain the moisture balance and strengthen the protection function of the skin.
• Do note the type of sunscreen you’re using, whether its gel or cream as well as the ingredients, as certain types may cause irritation to your skin

3.What types of treatment can help reduce skin pigmentation?

Body Perfect has a range of treatment targeted at skin pigmentation. Our breakthrough skin pigmentation treatments such as the Body Perfect NS Whitening & Pigmentation Face, Eye, Neck & Décolleté Treatment is designed to help reduce pigmentation and discolouration, thus, work to reduce dark spots on the skin.

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6 Easy Methods to Relieve Period Cramps (2020)

Period cramps are unpleasant and can make life difficult for us. Yet, it’s something that most women have experienced, whether they are mild symptoms or severe ones that stop us from doing our day-to-day tasks.

If you are looking for methods to relieve period cramps, here are some simple relief methods you can try.

1.Have a cup of chamomile tea.

Maybe two if you need more. Chamomile tea may help in reducing period cramps during the menstruation period as it helps reduce inflammation. It is known to help reduce a headache as it is full of anti-inflammatory substances called prostaglandins. The substances indirectly enhance the menstrual flow and thus reduce the period cramp.

2.Heat compression.

The warm sensation from a heating pad, heat wrap or hot water bottle on your abdomen may ease a period cramp. While it can be uncomfortable to put a hot water bottle on your abdomen during a meeting, a heating pad can be used instead and it is not visible. Heat on the abdomen helps relax the muscles.


While a good diet may help you get all the nutrients needed to reduce the period cramp, endorphins produced during exercise session can help relieve the period cramp. Endorphins help your mind to be at ease and indirectly let the muscles to relax.

4.Uterus Pastes

Certain uterus pastes can help relieve period cramps by balancing the endocrine system in the body. For example, the LANLUIS Female Nourishing Paste regulates the secretion of hormones, mitigates menstrual discomfort and intensifies uterus function.


Cinnamon is surprisingly helpful in reducing period cramps, the menstruation flow and feeling of nausea. Put a sprinkle of cinnamon in your cocoa drink, cereal or any other food when you are having a period cramp.

6.Magnesium or fish oil.

Magnesium helps in regulating your blood pressure and muscles function. Consuming a magnesium pill during the menstruation period may reduce your period cramps. Fish oil, on the other hand, may help you avoid period cramps. Therefore, consuming fish oil, the liquid or the pill before your menstruation cycle is recommended.

These methods can be done at home and work just fine to help reduce your period cramp during that time of the month.

Beyond your home methods, you can speak to us. Our treatment such as the Endocrine Nurturing Treatment is designed specifically to help ease period cramps and muscles pain by balancing your hormones and improving your circulation. Speak to our Beauty Professionals to find a treatment that’s right for you.

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5 Menopause Symptoms Which May Affect You (2020)

Menopause symptoms are not easy for women who experience them. From irregular periods to hot flashes, they can affect the way we live our lives. There is at least 1 out of 10 women who may experience menopause symptoms up to 12 years after their last period. Menopause symptoms can be uncomfortable to some women, hence, having the symptoms for some long period can be devastating and worrying.

What are some of the menopause symptoms you may have?

1.Irregular periods.

Periods which come at irregular times with heavier or lighter flows, or last longer or shorter than usual, is a classic sign that the person is experiencing a menopause symptom. The common term for this sign is perimenopause. Perimenopause marks the time when the ovaries gradually begin to produce less oestrogen. It usually starts in a woman’s 40s, but can start in her 30s or even earlier. During this time, predicting your periods can be difficult.

2.Hot flashes.

About 75% of women experience hot flashes during menopause where they suddenly feel warm without any apparent reason. It commonly happens during the night and some women may even have night sweats while sleeping. The skin may become flush red and the heart may beat faster.

3.Sore or tender breasts.

Soreness in your bust might be a menopause symptom. Treatments may help people to relieve the soreness they have in the bust area by helping improve circulation and reducing congestion in the area.

4.Becoming forgetful.

Women who experience menopause symptoms are more likely to be forgetful. The common mistake is to misplace things and not being able to think of the right word.

5.Trouble sleeping.

No one will welcome insomnia especially after a tiring day of working. For some women who experience menopause symptoms, trouble sleeping may be common. It may stem back to stress and the change of mood. By gently massaging the abdomen using LANLUIS Anti-Aging Female Tonic Oil especially before heading to bed also helps to improve the menopausal symptoms.

While medical treatments are not needed for most menopause symptoms, certain treatments can help provide relief. If you feel some of the menopause symptoms affecting your daily life, you can speak to our Beauty Professionals.

Our Endocrine Nurturing Treatments are designed to help relieve menopause symptoms and delay menopause. You can also try the LANLUIS Anti-Ageing Female Tonic Oil to help relieve menopause symptoms.

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The Best Method for Hair Removal in 2020

There are countless methods of hair removal. The question is, which is best for you? Here, we break down some of the methods for hair removal, from the traditional shaving to the newer methods.


Shaving is the easiest and common method of hair removal. All you have to do is get a razor at the supermarket and some shaving cream. If you decide to shave, use a sharp razor to prevent infections and inflammation. Exfoliation will also help give you a smoother shave.


Easy and affordable. Can be done at home on your own.


Susceptible to inflammation, cuts and infections. Quick to regrow and small risk of ingrown hair.


Waxing can give you smooth skin with effective results. It involves pulling out all the hair in a specific area. Hair removal by waxing is usually done for a wide range of areas; eyebrows, the upper lip, underarms, forearms, bikini areas and legs. It can last up to three to four weeks.


Quick, efficient removal. Smooth skin with no rough hair bumps from shaving.


Hair regrows quickly. Painful, especially in sensitive areas. Can injure your skin if not done correctly.


Depilatory cream works by breaking down the structure of keratin in the hair. It dissolves it so it can be easily wiped away from its follicle. It’s a simple method of hair removal that is also effective if you don’t like the idea of hair bumps on your skin from shaving.


Pain free with quick, effective results. Easy to use and can be done at home.


Possible allergic reactions on skin. Can affect skin when left on for too long. Short term, where hair will grow in a few days.

4.Body Perfect’s Photothermolysis Hair Removal Treatment

Photothermolysis uses light & heat to destroy the hair follicle. It’s a painless hair removal method. By destroying the actual hair follicle under the skin, it makes it effective as a longer-term method of hair removal. In addition, it is safe and there are no signs of inflammation or bumps on the skin.


Effective results without any inflammation or pain. Longer lasting because of removed follicle.


May require a few sessions.

Unwanted hair can affect a woman’s confidence. If you decide to start your journey of hair removal, let the Beauty Professionals at Body Perfect help you.

Our hair removal treatments are effective, long term, and leaves your skin smooth without any red bumps or ingrown hair.

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Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions in 2020

One of the newer trends of the year is the “no makeup, makeup look”. So, it’s out with the false lashes and the more natural eyelash extensions. Why? Simply because it gives a more natural look compared to stiff false eyelashes. Curious about the trying out eyelash extensions for the first time? Here’s what you need to know.


A natural look.

Eyelash extensions are done by attaching individual lashes to the original ones semi-permanently. As opposed to the false eyelashes that are made on the basis of a more universal look, eyelash extensions give you flexibility where you can choose the length and curl type that is exactly right for your eyes. Most women have fallen in love with this natural look because they can choose an extension that fits their style, personality and overall look.


Lasts longer.

False eyelash can stick to the eyes for a day but eyelash extensions can last longer if taken care of. Avoid the usage of oily products on the eyes and don’t rub water harshly on the eyelashes. Simple steps can help prevent the eyelash extensions from falling off earlier than it should.


No all extensions are equal.

There are bad and good eyelash extensions. Low quality eyelash extensions are often made from heavy synthetic materials such as various acrylics and/or heavy plastics which make them hard and heavy. What’s more, they tend to clump together and may damage your own natural lashes. What’s more, if you go to an unqualified and unskilled beautician, they can use poor quality glue and be rough in their application. Body Perfect Beauty Professionals are trained in ensuring the best application of eyelash extensions. We ensure that you feel as natural as possible.


Less effort needed.

Eyelash extensions are designed to give you that alluring look with minimal makeup. Spend less time on your makeup and get ready to go with just a simple touch up.


If you like waking up to absolutely natural looking thick, long and beautiful lashes, go for some quality eyelash extensions. Remember to choose high quality ones, like those offered by Body Perfect. Check them out on our website.


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Top 6 Myths about Cellulite You Should Know (2020)

To women with cellulite, you are not alone. Nearly 90% of women especially those older than 21 years old have cellulite at some point in their lives. Cellulite which is also known as orange-peel skin is dimple-looking skin that is very common in the thigh area because it naturally has more fatty tissue. While it is a natural part of the body, it can affect your confidence, especially in the way you feel about your looks.

While it is a common thing, there are a lot of misconceptions about cellulite. Take for example, these 6 myths about cellulite.

1.Myth: Toxins in the body are the major cause of cellulite.

Fact: Cellulite appears when fatty tissue in the skin pushes up against layers of collagen fibres or connective tissue. Cellulite appears as the connective tissue is weakened due to lack of exercise, excess fats and hormones.

2.Myth: Cellulite is not affected by age.

Fact: Some might think that cellulite remains the way it is forever. As women get older, their bodies produce less oestrogen, which then leads to a reduction in the collagen produced. It will then become more visible at most parts of the body apart from the thigh.

3.Myth: Cellulite is only common to out-of-shape women.

Fact: Obese women do have more visible and noticeable cellulite but cellulite can happen to anyone of all shapes and sizes. Although some women seem slimmer than others, they still have fat tissues and with weak connective tissue, even slender women can have visible cellulite.

4.Myth: Cellulite can be cured with some cream.

Fact: Cellulite CANNOT be cured with cream alone. There is no such thing as a magical cream which can remove blemishes from the body instantly. However, the cellulite appearance can be lightened with body treatments.

5.Myth: Food does not play a role in the formation of cellulite.

Fact: Eating healthy is always the key when it comes to your body’s condition. Food with high water content can help strengthen your connective tissue while plant-heavy diet can help you maintain a healthy weight.

6.Myth: There is a limited number of treatments for cellulite.

Fact: There is actually a vast amount of treatments that you can try to lighten and reduce cellulite. For example, Body Perfect has a range of treatments that target cellulite.

Women are more likely to have cellulite by the age 21 and they are more self-conscious about the common problem. As it cannot be avoided, the best solution is to reduce its visibility on the skin by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercises as well as treatments.

If you want to reduce cellulite, speak to our Beauty Professionals, who are ready to help you find the right treatment for your skin.

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Breast Pains : Why it Happens and What to Do (2020)

Some women experience breast pains before or during their periods. Some ladies tend to be confused between breast pain and breast tenderness or soreness. Not all breast pains are major medical issues. However, if you are unsure, it is best to seek the advice of medical professionals.

Here are some reasons why you may have breast pains.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones may fluctuate before, during and after a period. The imbalanced production of hormones called oestrogens and progesterone can cause women’s breasts to be swollen and feel lumpy. This may lead to breast pain. Older women who are more sensitive to hormones may feel the pain a little stronger compared to younger women.

It is common for breast pain to happen two to three days before the menstruation cycle starts especially when hormones fluctuate during this period. The pain may last until the period starts but some may have it throughout the entire menstruation period.

To determine whether the breast pain is due to hormonal imbalances, it is recommended that you record your experiences throughout your menstruation periods. After three or four menstruation cycles, you may notice a pattern, where the breast pains occur before, during or throughout the menstruation period.

How to Relieve Breast Pains?

Breast soreness or breast pain can be an annoyance. There are actually a wide range of treatments for breast pain; from over-the-counter medications to a treatment at an aesthetics and wellness centre like Body Perfect.

Premenstrual breast pain can be relieved with the consumption of medications like ibuprofen, paracetamol, and naproxen sodium provide anti-inflammatory substances to reduce mild to moderate pain. These drugs are available in pharmacy or even convenience stores. Consult your medical professional for any medication consumed.


Cutting off sugar, caffeine, salt and dairy may help your body to regulate your blood pressure better. Overall, keeping your body healthy may help improve your hormonal health.


Doing a hand massage on your own may help to ease breast pains or soreness. However, using a massage roller may be more effective and efficient in terms of energy. It is recommended to do it while lying down without clothes covering the breast especially the side of the breast to the area near the underarms.

If you have breast pains, you don’t have to suffer. Seek advice from a medical professional if you need help.

Alternatively, Body Perfect bust care treatments are designed to help improve the circulation in your breasts and lymphatic system as well as improve your hormonal balance. Speak to our Beauty Professionals for a consultation on your body’s needs.

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