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A transformative journey combining the best of Eastern & Western practices to enhance your body, mind & spirit. Discover a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom & modern techniques, revitalising you from within & restoring balance to your entire being.

Our Signature Wellness Treatments

VividHeat Premium
Vitality Treatment

Experience advanced wellness therapy using premium calefaction technology. FDA-approved & targets the lymphatic systems for effective pain & inflammation management with no down time. It also elevates tissue temperature, boost energy & balance ions for optimal cellular health. Feel immediate comfort, relaxation & increased energy levels.

Body Decongestion

A luxurious blend of hands-on techniques, revolutionary technology. This gentle approach, coupled with high-quality essential oils, targets myofascial connective tissue, releasing tension, easing pain & promoting overall relaxation. Restore motion, improve circulation, and enjoy a rejuvenated, balanced body with this transformative session.

Essential-Balance Lymphatic
Drainage Body Therapy

An award-winning treatment that integrates a volcanic mineral drainage plate, Eastern techniques & superior-quality Essential Oil from the UK. This remarkable therapy promotes optimal Qi & lymphatic flow, restoring harmony to your body.

Other Exquisite Signature Wellness Treatments

Endocrine Nurturing

A specially designed treatment crafted for every stage of a woman's life cycle. Relieve PMS & menstrual cramps with soothing techniques, activate the endocrine system for hormonal balance & improve circulation for enhanced well-being. Our tailored approach also aims to support the delay of menopause & boost libido, ensuring a comprehensive and rejuvenating experience tailored to women's unique needs.

Ginger Meridian

A 3-in-1 holistic experience. Meridian stimulation enhances circulation, detoxifies and targets specific areas like the back, shoulders & abdomen. Dampness elimination expels cold, reduces inflammation & soothes tense muscles. Enjoy targeted relief at the joints of the hand & leg, providing effective pain relief.

Full Body Lymphatic
Detoxification Treatment

The ultimate "clean & shine" treatment suitable for all skin types. This comprehensive regimen revitalises the skin through essential steps: detoxification, tonicity strengthening, skin function regulation & anti-ageing care.

Axilla Drainage

Reducing bulging & swelling underarms to addressing dark patches, axillary breast & bra bulge, this therapy goes beyond surface-level benefits. It also drains excess fluid build-up, prevents congestion & promotes a healthier underarm area.

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