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Illuminate your natural beauty & discover our exceptional range of tailored face & facial treatments that are meticulously crafted to address your specific concerns & unveil your true radiance.

Our Signature Face & Facial Treatments

VisageAIchemy Premium
Youth Treatment

Experience The pinnacle of skincare innovation with our latest premium medical calefaction technology. Unlock radiant rejuvenation with transformative benefits like tightened sagging skin, reduced puffiness & increased skin metabolism. Embrace beauty redefined today!

Smart Endothermic
Dermal Therapy

A fusion of nature & cutting-edge technology, using cold atmospheric plasma for safe, painless & downtime-free skin brilliance. The Plasma Shower Technology transforms aerial purity into a skin-loving elixir, delivering clarity, oil balance & relief. Experience instant results with up to 99% skin absorption. Embrace the beauty of technology and nature in one luxurious experience.

Dynamic TDA Face Elixir Programme
(Face, Eye & Neck)

A breakthrough in skincare technology that infuses Swiss serum with perfected German Technology, delivering hyaluronic acid, vitamins & active ingredients directly into your skin without injections. Clinically proven, it offers instant effects for all ages & skin types. Enjoy deep moisturising, lifting, acne control, pigment stain lightening, smoothness, radiance & wrinkle reduction. Elevate your skincare with this needle-free, spa-like experience.

Aqua Aerobic Professional
Peel Treatment

Using pure PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid), this gentle exfoliation treatment offers remarkable results. Combining aqua therapy, aerobic therapy & repair therapy, it scientifically enhances pore permeability for the appearance of healthy & luminous skin, achieving a smoother complexion with the added benefit of a water-glossy skin texture, including neck rejuvenation.

Other Exquisite Signature Face / Facial Treatments

Diamond Miracle
Face Treatment

Indulge in our FDA-approved & patented. Real diamond chips delicately remove impurities, revealing your skin's pure radiance. Restore and rejuvenate, basking in the glow of timeless beauty. Experience the extraordinary with our exclusive treatment.

Medi-Oxygen Infusion Facial
Treatment (Face & Eye)

Unleash the transformative power of pure oxygen. Rejuvenate & nourish your skin with deeply infused oxygen, resulting in a supple, radiant complexion. Elevate your skincare routine & suck in the refreshing effects of this advanced treatment.

H-Hydrogen Abrasion
Face Treatment

A non-invasive deep pore cleansing treatment that incorporates the use of Hydrogen to slough off dead skin, impurities & reduces skin congestion, leaving your skin refreshed, clean & radiant. Trust our professionals to guide you through this rejuvenating journey, tailored to your unique needs.

Acne Essential Purifying
Facial Therapy

An all-natural, deep cleansing approach to combat acne & achieve clear, radiant skin. With products derived from plants & herbs, advanced extraction and repair technology, this treatment effectively prevents and manages acne flare-ups & skin impurities. Experience the transformation as your skin becomes clearer, balanced and renewed.

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