Slimming Concept

Activation | Release | Restore

Elevate your well-being with our slimming concept treatment. Specially crafted techniques activate your body's innate detoxification, reducing puffiness & cellulite through effective lymphatic drainage.

Our Signature Slimming Treatments

KineticOne Premium
Drainage Treatment

Introducing our innovative 3-in-one premium drainage treatment, powered by FDA-approved Italian technology. Experience drainage, slimming, contouring & health restoration in one session. Boost metabolism, drain excess waste, stimulate collagen production & achieve optimal firmness.

Cocoon Full Body Drainage &
Restore Programme

This innovative program is designed to actively support detoxification, ensuring a holistic approach to your overall health. With five distinct programs—Relax, Power, Wellness, Fitness & slimming—choose the path that aligns with your wellness goals. Immerse yourself in a realm where calorie burning is boosted, weight loss is facilitated, skin purification takes center stage & much more.

Essential Aroma Heat Premium
Drainage Treatment

Experience our premium slimming treatment, blending state-of-the-art manual techniques, luxurious Swiss body oil & an energetic smart heat blanket. Revitalise your body, eliminate toxins & promote soft, balanced well-being. This all-natural treatment delivers premium results for your inner body, outer skin & overall vitality.

Other Exquisite Signature Slimming Treatments

EMS Impulse Spot
Restore Treatment

Restore your body with an impactful detoxification process that transforms you into a stronger, healthier version of yourself. Experience the highly sought after & results-driven treatment designed to reduce fat percentage by shrinking adipose tissues, while simultaneously enhancing muscle mass through high-intensity energy. Unleash a renewed, toned & revitalised you.

Deep Meridian Essence
Activation Treatment

Unlock your body's potential with this signature electromagnetic therapy, clearing clogged meridians & enhancing Qi flow. This innovative treatment stimulates circulation, alleviates numbness & boosts metabolism. It prepares your body for advanced slimming or wellness treatments.

Deep Drainage Treatment –
Inner Thighs & Mons Pubis

A breakthrough solution for those hard-to-tackle areas like inner thighs & mons pubis. Our innovative 2-in-1 treatment eliminates stubborn bulges, boosts circulation & improves your skin tone.

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