Sans Soucis Lemon – Clarifying Care


The Clarifying Care refines the skin tone, supports the normalization of the sebum production and counteracts the development of finde lines and wrinkles. Inflammations and skin impurities are prevented, excessive keratinization of skin is countered.

Sans Soucis Kissed By A Rose Day Care SPF20


The Day Care SPF 20 protects skin against UV stress and premature light-induced aging. Skin’s natural repair mechanisms are improved, fine lines and wrinkles are balanced, skin is supplied with lavish
moisture and looks significantly firmer.

Sans Soucis Caviar & Gold 24h Care

The luxurious 24h Care improves the tightness and density of skin and pampers demanding skin on the hightes level. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, elasticity loss is countered. Unique 24-carat gold powder prevents premature skin aging, refines the skin relief and imparts pure luminosity.

Sans Soucis Herbal Sensitive Herbal Day Balm

  • supllies dry, sensitve skin with moisture
  • increases skin resistance
  • soothes irritations and redness
  • effectively protects against cold and rough weather
  • the outcome: resistant and completely protected skin

Sans Soucis Body Lotion

The secret of velvety soft skin. The smoothing body lotion with 2% AHA acid and a valuable complex of grape seed oil, D-panthenol and thermal water from Baden-Baden moisturizes the skin, gently cares for it and noticeably smoothes its surface. The light texture with delicate fragrance almost melts into the skin and leaves a feeling of freshness.

Naturalness proportion: 97%

Sans Soucis Shower Gel

The perfect freshness kick! The nourishing shower gel with allantoin, D-panthenol and mild active washing substances gently cleanses the skin, supports the skin’s moisture retention capacity and leaves it feeling fresh. The formula with the invigorating fragrance provides a vitalizing shower experience and noticeably cared for skin.

Naturalness proportion: 97%

Sans Soucis Beauty Elixir Ultra Matte Serum


The Ultra Matte Serum mattes the skin tone with instant and long-lasting effect and counters excessive sebum production without dehydrating skin. Inflammatory processes are countered, pores are refined, skin’s structure looks smooth and pure.

Sans Soucis Beauty Elixir SOS Calming Serum


The SOS Calming Serum diminishes skin irritations and redness leaving an instant and long-lasting pleasant skin feeling. Skin’s natural regeneration processes are supported, its natural protective acid mantle is strengthened so that skin’s balance is restored.

  • clearly relieves skin irritation and redness
  • gives the skin an instant and long-lasting feeling of well-being
  • strengthens the natural protective acid mantle
  • rebalances the skin

Sans Soucis Beauty Elixir Active Lifting Serum


The Activ Lifting Serum firms the skin and improves its natural collagen structure for more tightness. Skin is perfectly supplied with moisture, existing lines and wrinkles are diminished, skin’s youthfulness is maintained.

  • visibly tightens the skin
  • activates the skin’s own collagen formation
  • effectively reduces existing lines and wrinkles
  • preserves skin’s youthfulness

Sans Soucis Daily Vitamins Pink Grapefruit Glow C Spray


The Glow C Spray is the ideal protective shield against harmful environmental influences. It diminishes skin irritations and counteracts premature skin aging. Light-reflecting pigments impart a radiant glow to skin.


  • Ideal protective shield against harmful environmental influences
  • Diminishes skin irritations
  • Counteracts premature skin aging
  • Imparts a radiant glow to skin