Nadine Salembier Matifying & Regenerating Gel 852

Mattifying & Regenerating Gel 852 fights the softness of the epidermis while toning the elastic network of the skin. Its active ingredients penetrate quickly, especially thanks to its gel texture. It is suitable for all skin types. It blends brilliantly with essential oils and all serums by carrying and diffusing their active ingredients in the skin. It absorbs excess oil from oily skin. Its matifying effect is visible from its first application. Perfectly adapted to hot and humid climates. Hyper nourishing, it revitalizes the epidermis, provides a pronounced anti-wrinkle action, retains your features and illuminates your complexion. It also reduces the shiny appearance of oily and combination skin.

Nadine Salembier Vityal-C Serum

Very concentrated in active ingredients, the Vityal-C Serum is the ideal complement to day and night anti-aging creams. To apply in the form of cures of several weeks or permanently, this serum will reveal its benefits almost instantly.
Ideal care of wrinkles prevention, it is also suitable for mature skin thanks to its action on free radicals, the synthesis of collagen and melanin. Prevents cell damage related to free radicals.
Suitable for anti-aging, anti-pollution and after-sun care.
Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, primary role in the fight against skin aging.
Stimulates the synthesis of melanin and prevents hyper-pigmentation of the skin, especially “age spots” and sun spots.
Holds water in the skin cells.

Nadine Salembier Whitening Cleansing Milk

The cleansing agents of the milk make it possible to clean the skin in depth while preserving the integrity of the epidermis, its flexibility and its natural protection. The epidermis is purified and freed from impurities; the pores are tightened. As for lightening agents, they will harmonise your complexion and reduce the appearance of unsightly pigment spots.

Nadine Salembier Whitening Tonic Lotion

Astringent and refreshing, the Lightening Tonic Lotion actively contributes to a lightened complexion. It prepares the skin for day and night care while refreshing and toning the skin. It also helps reduce uneven skin tone, softens the skin and completes your make-up removal.

Nadine Salembier Pfaffia Hydra Repair Balm

In addition to its main active ingredient, Pfaffia Paniculata, the Pfaffia Hydra Repair Balm is packed with essential plants for the perfect hydration balance and protection against every day external skin damage.  The Pfaffia Hydra Repair Balm is comfortable on skin, it fits in perfectly with the makeup process.