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The Best Method for Hair Removal in 2020

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There are countless methods of hair removal. The question is, which is best for you? Here, we break down some of the methods for hair removal, from the traditional shaving to the newer methods.


Shaving is the easiest and common method of hair removal. All you have to do is get a razor at the supermarket and some shaving cream. If you decide to shave, use a sharp razor to prevent infections and inflammation. Exfoliation will also help give you a smoother shave.


Easy and affordable. Can be done at home on your own.


Susceptible to inflammation, cuts and infections. Quick to regrow and small risk of ingrown hair.


Waxing can give you smooth skin with effective results. It involves pulling out all the hair in a specific area. Hair removal by waxing is usually done for a wide range of areas; eyebrows, the upper lip, underarms, forearms, bikini areas and legs. It can last up to three to four weeks.


Quick, efficient removal. Smooth skin with no rough hair bumps from shaving.


Hair regrows quickly. Painful, especially in sensitive areas. Can injure your skin if not done correctly.


Depilatory cream works by breaking down the structure of keratin in the hair. It dissolves it so it can be easily wiped away from its follicle. It’s a simple method of hair removal that is also effective if you don’t like the idea of hair bumps on your skin from shaving.


Pain free with quick, effective results. Easy to use and can be done at home.


Possible allergic reactions on skin. Can affect skin when left on for too long. Short term, where hair will grow in a few days.

4.Body Perfect’s Photothermolysis Hair Removal Treatment

Photothermolysis uses light & heat to destroy the hair follicle. It’s a painless hair removal method. By destroying the actual hair follicle under the skin, it makes it effective as a longer-term method of hair removal. In addition, it is safe and there are no signs of inflammation or bumps on the skin.


Effective results without any inflammation or pain. Longer lasting because of removed follicle.


May require a few sessions.

Unwanted hair can affect a woman’s confidence. If you decide to start your journey of hair removal, let the Beauty Professionals at Body Perfect help you.

Our hair removal treatments are effective, long term, and leaves your skin smooth without any red bumps or ingrown hair.

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