What Our Clients Say

“My experience at Body Perfect has always been excellent. The soft music, aromatherapy and ambiance of the setting leads one into total state of bliss and relaxation where one can let go totally and completely. Even though I have only undergone just a facial, whenever I leave the place, I would always feel as though I have had a total complete body and spa experience. I’ve nothing but good praise for Body Perfect!”
Silvia S.

I first came to Body Perfect on a whim; quite sure that I would not allow myself to be ‘sweet-talked’ into any long term packages etc. I enjoyed the pampering and the environment so much that 5 years later, I am still a Body Perfect member! The Beauty Managers are very professional yet they make me feel that we’ve been friends a long time. The Beauty Therapists are skilled and are good in what they do. I’ve been to other places now and then but I keep going back to Body Perfect. They managed to win my confidence and this is not usually an easy thing to do”.
Laura L

Service orientated and customers focus are the two most distinguish and unique features that set Body Perfect apart and ahead of others in the beauty industry. Open even on public holidays to enable those working and busy female like me to unwind, distress and pamper ourselves with conducive environment and ambiance. The staffs are well trained to tailor suit our needs and requirements. They ensure that new clients are well taken care off so that they won’t feel lost during their initial visits while regular ones who are familiar will feel very much at home. Each Beauty Therapist is very attentive and serves one client at a time in a professional manner. They always place priority on clients’’ comfort and convenience. Apart from these, I have confidence in using their products because I know Body Perfect only promotes and approves products of good quality and safe. This is also true for the treatment which cater from head to toe and keep abreast with the latest technology and equipment available”
M. Yeoh

***this result may vary to each individual person***

“I first met Body Perfect in year 2008. My acne problem was quite serious at that time. I have joined Body Perfect for 4 years to date and I am pleased with the result. My acne problem improved after the treatments they offered. My college friends noticed the improvement of my appearance”
June L.

“Body Perfect has been known to me since 2005 through my mum who had been with this institution since. I have started off with facial care and I find that their products and ambiance co-shared with pleasant personalities of their well trained staff prompted me to become a member. Their wide range of facial programme impressed me most and made a vast improvement on my hyperpigmentation and uneven skin condition. Today, I would actually spread the word that Body Perfect helped me boost my self-confidence to a certain extent and I would like to thank them for it. Body Perfect would be the place of choice like a one stop beauty haven for me and the future generation”.
Dr. S. Parnisheeluam

“Since a few years ago, I tried my best to take care of my skin. I eat and sleep well but my skin still looks so dull and sallow! Even after a good night’s rest, I would look into the mirror to see a pair of weary, saggy eyes staring back at me. And the rest of my face is no better. My skin is sallow and makes me look drawn, as if I’ve been pulling all-nighters when I haven’t. The most frustrating part is, people are always mistaking me for my husband’s older sister! I hate how my face looked so “shapeless”. I disliked having my picture taken and it hurts when people made fun of the way I looked. When I heard about a face contouring and wrinkle diminishing treatment introduced by Body Perfect, I jumped at the chance. I made a big change in my life. To be frank, I am extremely overjoyed when my husband commented that my features looked sharper right after the first session. Now, after a few sessions, I feel so much younger and I love it when friends tell me so….”

***this result may vary to each individual person***

“I have been trying to lose weight especially around my midriff for a long time. I have tried many slimming treatment from other slimming centres but the result are very minimal and disappointing. When I was introduced to Zerofat Slimming Treatment by Body Perfect, I was not too convinced but just after 1 session, I can see my stomach is not bloating and it is not difficult to zip my clothes. I sweat a lot which I do not find in other programmes. It is also not too harsh on my skin and body. I now feel more healthy and energetic.” 
Mrs Halim

“I feel my body has improved in its shape and contour. I used to have excess (some) flabs on bra line. With Body Perfect’s recommended treatment, it has reduced after the 2nd session. I am able to wear more figure hugging clothes. I feel much slimmer and less bloated. In a short period of time, my skin is less sagging and much firmer.” 
Datin Noor H.

***this result may vary to each individual person***

“The treatments are very effective. Removal of wind from different areas of the body after each session is obvious. I must testify that so far I have been really satisfied with the results I have had. I would sincerely promote the advantage of using the products and treatments from Body Perfect”
Christina S.

“I like the Full Body Detoxification Treatment as it whitens and gives me even skin tone. It lightens those dark spots and areas in my body resulting in my skin being smoother and fairer. It removes dead skin cells and unwanted toxins. I would recommend this for people who like to have smooth and healthy skin.”
Joan E.

***this result may vary to each individual person***

“As I aged, my breasts have sagged over the years. After the third Bust Treatment at Body Perfect, my precious assets have become fuller and firmer. I feel more confident now. Thanks to all the beauty professionals and treatments at Body Perfect. Every visit turns out to be successful and wonderful “
Ms. Ooi

“I have been a very conservative person all this while and was skeptical when I was first being introduced to a bust care / wellness treatment. I have decided to proceed upon receiving assurance and confidence from the team of professionals at Body Perfect. Not only did I notice difference in terms of appearance of my breasts, I have also taken notice on the other benefits that the treatment has to offer. I have experienced fewer backaches. Also, the eczema on my back has gradually improved. I am thankful to Body Perfect for the worthy recommendation”
H. Jalalluddin

***this result may vary to each individual person***

“I have been coming to Body Perfect for the last 2 years for spa and massage treatments. Entering Body Perfect is the entry into a gentle and feminine world with a very distressing ambiance. It is a wonderful experience of the senses especially when it comes to welcoming smile which commenced from the counter. The professional masseur rubs the kinks and stress away from the body and the whole restful experience ends with lovely, warm ginger tea and fruits. A real treat to the body and mind!”
A. Sasikala D.

“In order to be in top condition to meet the unexpected challenges that arise at work or home, a relaxation routine is definitely essential! I would highly recommend the French Crystal Spa Treatment for stress reduction. Massage has proven positive effects on all types of stress. Apart from a good rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul, I love the feeling of my smooth, supple and soft skin. Now, I am able to differentiate the difference between a normal spa and a treatment spa. It is definitely worth it!
Jenn A.

***this result may vary to each individual person***

“A beautiful dress and make-up can be spoilt the moment a woman lifts her arm to reveal dark, spotty underarm. I was in such a situation, constantly feeling self-conscious whenever I wore sleeveless bruises / dresses. Having tired several whitening cream with minimal results, I was initially skeptical when my Beauty Manager recommended the Hair Removal and Underarm Spa. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Within the first session, I noticed a visible difference. My underarms were smoother and fairer. I was convinced with the result. Thus, I’m still in my journey to getting my desired underarms”
Elaine L.

“Body Perfect affirms the achievement of dream – transforming from ugly duckling to crown princess!” I am truly amazed by the vast range of top to toe beauty treatments it has to offer. I have started off with facial and body slimming treatments. Throughout these 9 years with Body Perfect, my desired results had been attained. I am happy with the ‘all under one roof concept” as I do not need to be running to a few places getting my beauty regimen fulfilled. Apart from face & body treatments, I have engaged myself in their unique range of beauty services i.e. Hair Removal, Eyelash Extensions, Foot Callus exfoliation and even manicure & pedicure. The quality of service and treatments keeps me glowing the moment I start walking out of the door. As a conclusion, if I can achieve my princess dreams at Body Perfect, you may experience the same too.” 
Shiori W.

***this result may vary to each individual person***