Lanluis Nurturing Female Oil

Nurturing female tonic oil contains the precious ingredient: Melissa, German chamomile. Will regulate the menstruation and improve our menstrual pain, balance the hormones and nourish our uterus and ovaries.

Lanluis Uterus Paste

Feeling edgy,  bloated around your abdomen or simply feeling out of sorts during that week? We have an – all natural solution to your concern.
Introducing LANLUIS Female Nourishing Paste, a herbal warm patch filled with precious ingredients that can help balance the endocrine system, improve your uterus function, whilst proving comfort  & warmth all at once.

Your best companion during “The Time of the Month”

Benefits of the Uterus Paste includes:

– Mitigates menstrual comfort

-Facilitates vaginal secretions

-Regulates the secretion of hormones

-Relieves premenstrual syndromes

-Postpones menopausal symptoms

Lanluis Herbal Cellutox Active Essence Oil

Lanluis Herbal Cellutox Active Essence Oil consists of a very high concentrated oil. It is designed mainly to improve lipolysis and the discarge of energy. It contains a variety of pure plant ingredients, and can help reduce cellulite and enhance your circulatory system.

Lanluis Rose Energy Mist

LANLUIS Rose Energy Mist is a daily hydrating mist featuring the relaxing scent of rose. It restores and hydrates your complexion and is ideal for normal/combination skin types.

Lanluis Shape Your Body Easy – Burning Serum

LANLUIS Sculpting Burn Serum contains various natural plant extracts. It boosts circulation, reduces cellulite, and helps detox the body with one solution. It improves fat breakdown and reduces fast break adipose tissue hypertrophy, reduces uneven skin, prevents fat accumulation, fights free radicals, enhances skin tissue, improves cellulite and enhances the circulatory system.

Lanluis Herbal Lymph Active Essence Oil

Lanluis Herbal Lymph Active Essence Oil consists of a very highly concentrated oil that contains a variety of pure plant ingredients. It is mainly active in strengthening the lymphatic circulatory system, supporting the effective discharge of the body’s lymphatic toxins and strengthening the immune system.