Lanluis Purifying Facial Treatment Oil

A naturally balancing combination skin treatment formulated to restore equilibrium to stressed, congested or dehydrated oily skin without blocking pores,

Lanluis Detox Active Basic Oil

Lanluis Detox Active Basic Oil is a gentle massage oil for the body; it improves the function of your circulation and lymph system. It consists of cedarwood and rosemary, helpful ingredients for body circulation and the lymph system.

Lanluis Female Tonic Basic Oil

LANLUIS Female Tonic Base Oil is specifically formulated with evening primrose and rosehip seed, two enriched ingredients for women which improve the endocrine system. It regulates hormone secretion, relieves menstrual discomfort, and strengthens uterine function. It soothes, moisturizes and replenish natural nutrients to the skin, improves blood circulation, rebuilds matrix cells and prevents ageing.

Lanluis Breast Booster

LANLUIS Breast Booster contains rich plant extracts which are essential for women who want firmer breasts. Apply around the breast daily, spread over the breast area and massage it in a circular motion. It helps with nourishing the breast and adds definition for fuller and attractive breasts.

Lanluis Rose Energy Oil

LANLUIS Rose Energy Oil is a lightweight moisturising treatment that helps to balance all skin types. Absorbs quickly and instantly delivers a velvety smooth finish.

Lanluis Rose Energy Treatment Set

LANLUIS Rose Energy Treatment Set contains Rose Energy Gel Mask and Oil. The set can help keep the skin hydrated and moisturised. At the same time, it softens the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and improves skin’s elasticity, guards against moisture loss and protects the skin from environmental damage.

(A) Rose Energy Treatment Gel Mask
This rich, deeply hydrating treatment mask helps reduce dehydration on the skin while providing essential protection against environmental aggressors. Includes a potent blend of ingredients designed to aid in overall skin wellness. Skin feels hydrated, replenished, smooth and looks radiant.

(B) Rose Energy Treatment Oil
A lightweight moisturising treatment that helps to balance all skin types. Absorbs quickly and instantly delivers a velvety smooth finish.

Lanluis Rose Otto Cleansing Cream

A soft cleansing cream with rose otto essential oil and β-glucans that removes makeup, lifts impurities and hydrates the skin. Your skin feels softened and smoothed after cleansing.

Lanluis Instant Bust Lift Up – Mammary Gland Serum

LANLUIS Mammary Gland Serum contains various natural plant extracts which can effectively remove obstacles from the mammary gland, and prevent other blockages. The serum balances the release of endocrine, stimulates circulation, reduces swelling, uplifts breast lines and softens your skin texture.

Lanluis Anti-Aging Female Tonic Oil Set

An anti-ageing female tonic oil that contains the precious ingredients: rose otto, geranium, and clary sage. These ingredients help nourish your uterus, regulate menstruation and improves the ovarian function and restores balance; it helps to improve our menopausal syndrome.

Lanluis Nurturing Female Oil

Nurturing female tonic oil contains the precious ingredient: Melissa, German chamomile. Will regulate the menstruation and improve our menstrual pain, balance the hormones and nourish our uterus and ovaries.