In May 2002, Body Perfect Ladies Beauty & Slimming Haven was established with the core beliefs that the dedicated team passionately believes in. With strong affiliations and support from France and Hong Kong, the importance of a comfortable environment, application of the most advanced technology, the finest techniques in the programmes and the use of products that are safe and effective are always emphasised.

Along with a resilient team of Beauty Professionals who are passionate about delivering good honest beauty solutions for all women, Body Perfect began on a journey of pursuing a passion. A passion for providing women with fully integrated top-to-toe beauty treatments and providing a relaxing lifestyle in beauty care – all this with the supreme emphasis on client service, ambiance, hygiene and privacy.

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Despite the intense competitive environment in the industry, Body Perfect shines as an authentic and unique haven for all your beauty needs. We believe that beauty is beyond a beautiful face or a slim body. It is also about being in tune to the rhythm and health of your body by obtaining the harmony within.

Moving away from the industry norm and with a focused goal in building long term rapport, Body Perfect offers tailored programmes that are customised for each individual to achieve the best results according to their body and skin types. We believe that women should enjoy top-to-toe outstanding personalised beauty solutions that help them look and feel great. Above all, we are passionate about providing good honest solutions that work, giving you a pleasurable experience along the way.

Step into our Beauty Haven’s today and discover our revolutionary and effective offerings backed by a team who are passionate about your beauty.

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