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Breast Pains : Why it Happens and What to Do (2020)

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Some women experience breast pains before or during their periods. Some ladies tend to be confused between breast pain and breast tenderness or soreness. Not all breast pains are major medical issues. However, if you are unsure, it is best to seek the advice of medical professionals.

Here are some reasons why you may have breast pains.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones may fluctuate before, during and after a period. The imbalanced production of hormones called oestrogens and progesterone can cause women’s breasts to be swollen and feel lumpy. This may lead to breast pain. Older women who are more sensitive to hormones may feel the pain a little stronger compared to younger women.

It is common for breast pain to happen two to three days before the menstruation cycle starts especially when hormones fluctuate during this period. The pain may last until the period starts but some may have it throughout the entire menstruation period.

To determine whether the breast pain is due to hormonal imbalances, it is recommended that you record your experiences throughout your menstruation periods. After three or four menstruation cycles, you may notice a pattern, where the breast pains occur before, during or throughout the menstruation period.

How to Relieve Breast Pains?

Breast soreness or breast pain can be an annoyance. There are actually a wide range of treatments for breast pain; from over-the-counter medications to a treatment at an aesthetics and wellness centre like Body Perfect.

Premenstrual breast pain can be relieved with the consumption of medications like ibuprofen, paracetamol, and naproxen sodium provide anti-inflammatory substances to reduce mild to moderate pain. These drugs are available in pharmacy or even convenience stores. Consult your medical professional for any medication consumed.


Cutting off sugar, caffeine, salt and dairy may help your body to regulate your blood pressure better. Overall, keeping your body healthy may help improve your hormonal health.


Doing a hand massage on your own may help to ease breast pains or soreness. However, using a massage roller may be more effective and efficient in terms of energy. It is recommended to do it while lying down without clothes covering the breast especially the side of the breast to the area near the underarms.

If you have breast pains, you don’t have to suffer. Seek advice from a medical professional if you need help.

Alternatively, Body Perfect bust care treatments are designed to help improve the circulation in your breasts and lymphatic system as well as improve your hormonal balance. Speak to our Beauty Professionals for a consultation on your body’s needs.

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