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Avoid Wrinkles with These 5 Tips (2020)

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Wrinkles are very common as people age because the skin produces less collagen and elastin. This makes the skin thinner and drier, thus reducing the resistance to damage. However, having wrinkles when you’re young can make you feel self-conscious. Here are some tips on how to avoid excessive wrinkles and slow down the ageing of the skin.

1.Apply sunscreen daily.

Exposure to the UV rays from the sun may cause wrinkles. Sunscreen is only effective when an ample amount of sunscreen is applied every two to three hours. Choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) above 30 to delay the signs of ageing.

2.Hydration is the key.

Everyone is aware that in order to keep the skin healthy, moisturisers are important. This also applies to slowing down the process of skin ageing. Moisturiser traps the water in the skin which in turn, makes it more hydrated and bouncier. High quality moisturisers such as the Physiodermie Hydro Control Emulsion to help protect the skin against dryness, moisten skin with long-lasting effect and maintain a visibly fresh effect.

3.Healthy diets.

Poor diet habits such as an excessive amount of sugar or sodium intake is bad for the skin too. Sugar in the body produces end products called advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that help break down the collagen in the body. Maintaining a healthy diet may help you retain the “youth” in the skin.

4.Correct your sleeping position.

Bad sleeping positions can be an underlying factor for wrinkles as certain sleeping positions lead to compression problems. Compression happens when people press their face against the pillow every night which leaves the skin weaker in certain parts of the body than others. The best solution is to sleep on the back to prevent compression and reduce wrinkles.

5.Skin treatments.

Skin treatments can be done to treat wrinkles. Most treatments include consultation with the experts who will advise the right skin treatment depending on the skin’s condition.

No one can escape from getting wrinkles but you can take steps to delay the process of getting them. It is best for people to start taking care of their skin as early as teenage years but it is advised for the ones in their late 20s to start using anti-ageing skin care products especially those who are exposed to direct sunlight daily.

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