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4 Major Reasons Why Your Body Aches and How to Fix It (2020)

Body aches are common among adults. They can vary in intensity and frequency depending on the parts of the body and the person’s lifestyle. Body aches can be symptoms to many other conditions and make it uncomfortable to carry on with certain daily activities. Certain body aches can be treated by resting and home remedies to relieve the aches. However, seeking medical help is more helpful to some people who experience frequent, sharp and intense body aches.

If you have body aches, it could be from these simple reasons.

1.Lack of sleep.

If you sleep only two to three hours daily, you may be stressing your body, which in turn causes body aches. We understand that binging on some k-dramas or your social media is more tempting than sleeping. However, lack of sleep is known to cause many disruptions to our body’s immune system indirectly causing body aches.

Solution: A disciplined sleeping schedule and good time management will not only help you do what you want, it can also help in reducing body aches and improve your lifestyle.

2.Your sleeping positions.

If you are getting adequate sleep but still have body aches, it may be because of your uncomfortable bed. Wrong sleeping positions can also cause your muscles to stiffen or your veins to be twisted which leads to body aches.

Solution: Try changing your sleeping positions and find one that reduces your body aches. For example, placing a pillow between your knees when side sleeping will help alleviate pressure on the hips.

3.Uncomfortable beds.

Depending on your age, certain pillows and mattresses may cause your body to ache. The position of your pillow, whether it is high or low under the neck, not only causes pain in the neck literally but also affects your spine position. What is comfortable for you might not be the best for your body in the long run.

Solution: Change the mattress. Use a pillow with memory foam and place it correctly under the neck.


The immune system can only take so much stress. When under stress, the body’s immune system may be weakened when fighting against sickness. Plus, stressed muscles mean stiffness, which in turn leads to body aches.

Solution: Meditation and taking a walk in the nearby park might help to reduce the stress levels and indirectly reduce the frequency of body aches. Body Perfect’s Body Wellness Programme is designed to improve circulation and ease your aches away, targeted at specific body parts.

The bad sleeping positions, uncomfortable beds, lack of sleep and high level of stress might be the underlying cause for body aches.

If you’ve been feeling stressed from a hectic lifestyle, speak to our Beauty Professionals. Our specialised treatments help you improve your circulation and reduce body aches.

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4 Must Have Skin Care Products for Acne-Prone Skin (2020)

Many women with acne-prone skin struggle to find the perfect skin regime and skin care products for their skin. Finding the perfect skin care product needs trial and error. We just can’t afford to use the wrong products for our skin!

Women with acne-prone skin must know what types of acne that their skin is likely to produce, in order to avoid or treat them. Among the type of acne are blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, nodules, papules or pustules. Each type of acne can be avoided or treated with a thorough skin care regimen. Apart from a strict skin regimen, one can also go to aesthetic centres for specialised treatments.

Holy Grail for the skin

Getting the perfect skin care product is about choosing one that is right for your skin type. Having the right product does wonders on people with acne-prone skin.

1.Find a cleanser that suits your skin.

Do your research. Take note of the ingredients in your skincare products and mark down which one causes break outs. Purchase and use a cleanser for at least two weeks to see the difference and decide whether it works. Repeat this if the one you tried isn’t working. It is okay, beauty takes time. Look for cleansers with natural active ingredients, such as those recommended by our Beauty Professionals.

2.Suitable moisturiser for acne-prone skin.

Dry skin that lacks moisture can produce an excessive amount of sebum, which then leads to the production of acne. Moisturisers can be in gel or cream form. Find one that provides you with the right amount of moisture that your skin needs. Moisturisers that smell good can be therapeutic, but it is better to avoid one with fragrance as it could irritate the skin. Get a moisturiser such as Physiodermie Oily Skin Emulsion, which is designed with seboregulating complex to help tighten pores and reduce excess sebum production.

3.Solve the inflammation.

The major problem for people with acne-prone skin is skin redness due to inflammation of the acne. Salicylic acid may soothe the inflamed area. However, the application of sunscreen can also help reduce inflammation. Topical ointments could also work wonders with the right amount of benzoyl peroxide, retinoids (such as adapalene) or salicylic acid.

4.Balance the skin pH.

Unbalanced skin pH can damage the skin barrier. Weak or damaged skin barriers are more likely to be exposed to irritants which can cause acne-prone skin. With a stronger skin barrier, the skin can retain water more effectively thus maintain a good hydration balance. While a moisturiser can provide the hydration you need, Physiodermie Stabilizing Lotion PH Balancing to help soothe sensitive skin and bring the skin to the perfect 5.5 pH level.

Patience is the key, but some prefer a quick and visible result. While practising the “perfect” skin care regimen religiously can be worth the patience, it is actually an investment to some.

The best solution is to get a FREE consultation from Beauty Professionals at Body Perfect. Our Beauty Professionals are trained to help you find the perfect treatment or products for acne-prone skin. Our recommendations are designed according to your skin requirements and your needs.

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