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6 Easy Methods to Relieve Period Cramps (2020)

Period cramps are unpleasant and can make life difficult for us. Yet, it’s something that most women have experienced, whether they are mild symptoms or severe ones that stop us from doing our day-to-day tasks.

If you are looking for methods to relieve period cramps, here are some simple relief methods you can try.

1.Have a cup of chamomile tea.

Maybe two if you need more. Chamomile tea may help in reducing period cramps during the menstruation period as it helps reduce inflammation. It is known to help reduce a headache as it is full of anti-inflammatory substances called prostaglandins. The substances indirectly enhance the menstrual flow and thus reduce the period cramp.

2.Heat compression.

The warm sensation from a heating pad, heat wrap or hot water bottle on your abdomen may ease a period cramp. While it can be uncomfortable to put a hot water bottle on your abdomen during a meeting, a heating pad can be used instead and it is not visible. Heat on the abdomen helps relax the muscles.


While a good diet may help you get all the nutrients needed to reduce the period cramp, endorphins produced during exercise session can help relieve the period cramp. Endorphins help your mind to be at ease and indirectly let the muscles to relax.

4.Uterus Pastes

Certain uterus pastes can help relieve period cramps by balancing the endocrine system in the body. For example, the LANLUIS Female Nourishing Paste regulates the secretion of hormones, mitigates menstrual discomfort and intensifies uterus function.


Cinnamon is surprisingly helpful in reducing period cramps, the menstruation flow and feeling of nausea. Put a sprinkle of cinnamon in your cocoa drink, cereal or any other food when you are having a period cramp.

6.Magnesium or fish oil.

Magnesium helps in regulating your blood pressure and muscles function. Consuming a magnesium pill during the menstruation period may reduce your period cramps. Fish oil, on the other hand, may help you avoid period cramps. Therefore, consuming fish oil, the liquid or the pill before your menstruation cycle is recommended.

These methods can be done at home and work just fine to help reduce your period cramp during that time of the month.

Beyond your home methods, you can speak to us. Our treatment such as the Endocrine Nurturing Treatment is designed specifically to help ease period cramps and muscles pain by balancing your hormones and improving your circulation. Speak to our Beauty Professionals to find a treatment that’s right for you.

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