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6 Easy Methods to Reduce Water Retention in 2020

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When the body has an unbalanced amount of hydration, it can build up excess fluid in the body. This is known as water retention. It can cause puffiness, bloating and even swelling.
What causes water retention? Here are some common causes:

1.Medical conditions.

Organs that do not function properly can contribute to a higher level of water retention in the body as it is unable to eliminate the fluid properly.


Standing for a long period can cause the tissue to retain water which leads to swollen feet.


Although sodium intake daily is a must, eating food with high sodium may cause your body to hold more water.


It is normal for women to experience puffiness and bloating days before their period due to hormonal imbalances.


Now you know why it happens, here are some easy methods and treatments to help reduce water retention:

1.Keep the blood circulating.

Activities such as cycling and walking which include regular movements of the tissue aid in removing fluids in the legs and ankles. To those whose jobs involve standing a lot or a sedentary work, doing a lot of walking in between tasks may help to pump the blood to circulate especially in the legs.

2.Heat drainage treatment.

Body Perfect’s Heat Drainage Treatment which incorporates aromatherapy and essential oil is designed to help reduce water retention and promote general wellbeing.

3.EMS slimming treatment.

Such treatment that is pain-free from Body Perfect helps reduce bloating resulted from water retention problem. This 3-in-1 synergistic treatment effectively gives visible result to your body.

4.Drink tea.

It is known that some doctors recommend drinking herbal teas as it can help reduce water retention. Dandelion is one of the herbs which can help reduce water retention as it helps to increase the amount of urine produced.

5.Increase potassium intake.

Eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables can help your body get the right nutrients to prevent the blood vessels from leaking fluid to tissue. Food with high potassium include bananas, tomatoes and avocados.

6.Drink enough water.

This helps combat water retention as it helps one urinate more, removing more fluid from the body. Drinking enough water may help reduce water retention since it is the result of dehydration.

Water retention can be reduced through healthy diets and lifestyles. Alternatively, try our effective treatments such as the Cocoon Total Body Programme, EMS Slimming Treatment, Essential-Balance Lymphatic Drainage Therapy or Heat Drainage Treatment – Aroma & Essential Slimming Treatment. They are designed to provide effective, visible results and shape up your body using pain-free methods. Talk to our Beauty Professionals for a consultation session.

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