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4 Major Reasons Why Your Body Aches and How to Fix It (2020)

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Body aches are common among adults. They can vary in intensity and frequency depending on the parts of the body and the person’s lifestyle. Body aches can be symptoms to many other conditions and make it uncomfortable to carry on with certain daily activities. Certain body aches can be treated by resting and home remedies to relieve the aches. However, seeking medical help is more helpful to some people who experience frequent, sharp and intense body aches.

If you have body aches, it could be from these simple reasons.

1.Lack of sleep.

If you sleep only two to three hours daily, you may be stressing your body, which in turn causes body aches. We understand that binging on some k-dramas or your social media is more tempting than sleeping. However, lack of sleep is known to cause many disruptions to our body’s immune system indirectly causing body aches.

Solution: A disciplined sleeping schedule and good time management will not only help you do what you want, it can also help in reducing body aches and improve your lifestyle.

2.Your sleeping positions.

If you are getting adequate sleep but still have body aches, it may be because of your uncomfortable bed. Wrong sleeping positions can also cause your muscles to stiffen or your veins to be twisted which leads to body aches.

Solution: Try changing your sleeping positions and find one that reduces your body aches. For example, placing a pillow between your knees when side sleeping will help alleviate pressure on the hips.

3.Uncomfortable beds.

Depending on your age, certain pillows and mattresses may cause your body to ache. The position of your pillow, whether it is high or low under the neck, not only causes pain in the neck literally but also affects your spine position. What is comfortable for you might not be the best for your body in the long run.

Solution: Change the mattress. Use a pillow with memory foam and place it correctly under the neck.


The immune system can only take so much stress. When under stress, the body’s immune system may be weakened when fighting against sickness. Plus, stressed muscles mean stiffness, which in turn leads to body aches.

Solution: Meditation and taking a walk in the nearby park might help to reduce the stress levels and indirectly reduce the frequency of body aches. Body Perfect’s Body Wellness Programme is designed to improve circulation and ease your aches away, targeted at specific body parts.

The bad sleeping positions, uncomfortable beds, lack of sleep and high level of stress might be the underlying cause for body aches.

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